Should Marketing Review eLearning Courses?

By |2017-05-11T09:00:23+00:00May 11th, 2017|Association eLearning Blog, eLearning, Instructional Design, Learning Theory, Marketing, Member Engagement & Retention, Project Management, Tips and Tricks, Training and Development|

Recently, an instructional designer friend of mine asked me, “Should Marketing review eLearning courses and approve them before they are released?”  I responded with a, “Yes, but…” There are legitimate reasons Marketing needs to see [...]

The Suspenseful Season Finale of Training

By |2017-03-16T09:00:52+00:00March 16th, 2017|Creative Design, eLearning, Employee engagement and reterntion, Instructional Design, Learning Theory, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Tips and Tricks, Training and Development|

It’s the season finale of your favorite show. You’re glued to the chair as everything falls apart. Your favorite character is in mortal peril and then the screen is suddenly black. No, not a cliffhanger! [...]

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