Create and deliver training that sticks AND saves time and money.

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Now more than ever, organizations are struggling to keep their people trained, and managers are frustrated. They are short staffed and tired of wasting time and money on traditional training that loses effectiveness over time.

In fact, research shows that people forget 90% of what they learn within 10 days of traditional training!

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Are you confident that all the time and expense you put into creating traditional training is even working?


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How to make training stick.

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Knowledge Direct is an online learning platform that uses training automation to help leaders get their people smarter… faster with training that sticks.

Using triggered automation, our clients see higher learning retention over traditional methods, while saving time and money.

Stop wasting time and money on training that doesn’t stick.

Knowledge Direct is an online learning platform that uses training automation to help leaders get their people smarter… faster, with training that sticks. And since it’s completely online, training is available whenever, wherever your employees need it.

On Demand


Learners receive targeted instruction, available whenever and wherever.



Learning journeys,
time-spaced reminders and messaging keep learners on track without you needing to nag!

Easy to Use


Integrated content management means changes are easy. Create and manage all types of training, including self-paced, webinars – even live virtual conferences.

Proven Results


Automated reporting on events, webinars or self-paced learning, with a built-in testing engine and competencies to ensure mastery.

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Transform your training.

Like you, we believe in the power of training to transform people, your organization… the world. But many leaders are overwhelmed managing training initiatives that are labor-intensive to create, difficult to keep updated and don’t show clear results.

Over 3 million served!

Digitec Interactive is the only team that combines over 20 years of experience with award-winning technology AND award-winning instructional designers. We can help identify your training needs, then setup the learning journeys to get your people smarter… faster.

You have options

Since Digitec Interactive provides both the team and the technology, we give you options on how to use Knowledge Direct.

Do It Yourself

Digitec designed Knowledge Direct to be easy for administrators to create, manage, update and distribute training. With the DIY option, we provide you with

  • The branded platform
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Scheduled training sessions

Do It With You

If you don’t have the time or the staff to create the training modules and assign them to your learning journeys, Digitec provides managed services, with access to our award-winning instructional designers and project managers. You can pre-purchase managed services hours. We provide you an hourly estimate before any work, so you can approve along the way!

Do it with you chart

Do It For You

If you need effective training designed and launched quickly, Digitec provides an in-house staff of instructional designers, graphic artists and video producers. Our Project Manager will lead an Agile learning development process to produce training that sticks! This option includes creating the learning objectives, assessment activities and tests.


Digitec Interactive has the team and technology to guide you through the process:


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Tailor the features for your organization


Distribute activation codes to your learners

It’s time to take back control. Let’s do this!

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Digitec Interactive had been helping out customers get their people smarter… faster for over 20 years.

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“We’ve been able to rapidly expand our eLearning program offerings due to the usability of the platform, as well as the tremendous customer support from the Digitec representatives.”

Ryan Harrison, Professional Learning Program Manager, Colorado Association of School Executives

“Nothing but positives about the Knowledge Direct LMS products. Digitec is great to work with from an integration perspective, and very easy to communicate with.”

Chris Green, Senior Application Consultant, Association Technologies, Inc.

Knowledge Direct – over 3 million learners worldwide, awards for technology and instructional design –one team, proven results.

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