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Digitec Interactive has been a pioneer in digital technology since 1988 when Jack Sherdel opened the Digitec corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida with a simple idea: to combine creative, professional production with digital technology.

The internet opened up new opportunities for education and training during the 1990s, and the Digitec staff was quick to leverage this new media. When computer-based training was still in its infancy, Digitec was the pioneer in eLearning technologies. In 1999, Jack Sherdel partnered with Jack McGrath – a digital media producer with a strong background in new media marketing and eLearning design and development.

In the early 2000s, Digitec released Knowledge Direct® — an innovative Learning Management System (LMS) that enabled users to easily create, maintain, administer, market, and sell online education. Over the years, we’ve stayed on the leading edge of interactive learning experiences and today, we are nationally recognized for our innovative learning design and development.

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Where we’ve been


When Jack Sherdel started Digitec, we began a long relationship with The Walt Disney Company, specifically Walt Disney World in Orlando. Digitec began by supplying digital technology to the Magic Kingdom for audio and video post production. And so, the name “Digital” “Technology” or Digitec came about.

Since then, Digitec Interactive has worked with some of the world’s leading companies and organizations, bringing innovation to transform learning and change lives. Here are some of the industry firsts Digitec is responsible for:

  • First mobile learning content creation platform for cell phones and Palm OS devices (Knowledge Direct PDA)
  • First PowerPoint conversion app with game-based integration (Direct-to-Web)
  • First to use Chromadepth 3D in an immersive learning game

Where we’re going


Transformation is the driving principle behind Digitec’s growth. Today, Digitec is a thriving software development company, best known for the popular learning management system, Knowledge Direct.

But tomorrow is another day, and another chance to transform learning to change lives. That’s why we’ve transformed our award-winning LMS into a learning management platform (LMP). With the new Knowledge Direct Platform, Knowledge Direct gives administrators all the features they’ve come to expect from our robust LMS with new opportunities for social engagement, integrations, customizations, and consistent upgrades and add-ons. As a platform rather than just an LMS, Knowledge Direct will have the ability to adapt to the needs of organizations by adding new features, services, and upgrades so their learning needs will be supported today, tomorrow, and into the future.

How we’re getting there


At Digitec Interactive, we strive to create truly transformative learning experiences. How are we different? We combine our award-winning technology with an in-house staff of experts in adult learning to provide personalized customer service and technical assistance. We also provide a community forum and checklists to assist with educational content creation to make sure you succeed.

Not ready to create your own content? Digitec’s content developers have the design and adult learning expertise to create continuing education courses that engage learners while meeting all objectives and requirements.

Additionally, the Knowledge Direct platform is one of the only WCAG 2.0 and ADA 508 compliant LMS platforms on the market, bringing transformative learning experiences to EVERYONE, because we believe in life-long learning for every learner, everywhere.

To find out how you can transform learning at your organization, contact us for more information or schedule a demo today.

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