learning journeysI don’t want to sound like a traitor to my industry, but learning and development, training, learning management, whatever you want to call it, is so complicated! Seriously, everyday a new platform comes out that promises the moon and the stars. This LMS makes coffee and kisses your kids goodnight. That’s great! Just one question: how does all this technology produce results? How does this take your entry level sales associate, for example, and turn them into a top performer? Ask and you will hear, because technology X and industry jargon Y combine with new cool thing Z to create super complicated thing AA which, by virtue of being shiny and new, is sure to do the trick. But what if it doesn’t have to be complicated at all? What if there is no jargon required? No fancy pants explanation necessary? No Ph.D. prerequisite to figure out the technology? What if the answer is easy?

Lets say you hired Bob. You’d like Bob to not only be competent on the job, but eventually be someone you can promote to supervisor. Bob needs to get from point A (entry level) to point B (supervisor).  He’s going on a journey, a learning journey.  What is his role? What does he need to know? Answering questions like these provides the directions for learning journeys. Easy to understand, right? So, how do you plan the journey? Who’s got the map? Who’s riding shotgun on this adventure?

Well if you’re working with someone like, oh I don’t know…us, for example, we’re going to help you figure that out. We’re going to team up to determine what the roles are and what they need to know. Then we’re going to help you pick out the courses that each role needs to succeed. They’ll be loaded into an easy to use platform (I know you’ve heard that before, but we really mean it). You can track your employees’ progress, pull reports, and manage the journey from behind the steering wheel of the Knowledge Direct LMS.

You will never be alone. The Digitec Interactive team will always be there as learning consultants and guides, like a GPS. New roles? Not sure what they need to succeed? Our instructional designers can help create the next journey. Need something custom? We can do that too.

So basically, I’m saying learning journeys create a path from entry-level to top performer based on what the employee does and what they need to know every step of the way. Learning journeys provide the employee with the training they need to succeed combined with the tools to manage the employee’s journey easily. We give your team help, guidance, and support, so your organization can reach their goal: destination success (road trip playlist, optional).

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