The Importance of Implementing a Marcom Strategy for Continuing Education

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"What is a marcom strategy and why do I need one for continuing education?" you might ask yourself. Sounds like a buzz word right? Marcom or marketing communications, is the branch of marketing that decides [...]

Marketing Your Association to Millennials: Make it Social

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Years ago, while interning for a social media marketer, I was taught the value of social media to engage and attract business. Today social media marketing has changed from meme generation, to promoted posts and [...]

eLearning for Associations – 5 Tips to Keep Them Coming Back

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For many of us, education and learning are a passion. There’s a joy in mastering new things and continuing to stay current in our careers. For us, learning is what Maslow described as “self-actualization” and [...]

eLearning Webinar: 6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association

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Engage With eLearning It’s no secret that associations want higher member retention, increased non-dues revenue, and a unique value-add members can’t get anywhere else. The question is: what’s so sticky that members will renew year after [...]

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