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Secret to Creating Self-Motivated Learners

About the Author

Jennifer Ritter

From storyboards to module building, Jennifer covers a lot of eLearning ground as an instructional designer, writer, and course creator. She earned her B.A. at Rollins College and draws on her past life as an occasional amateur film maker for insight on the zaniness of the production process. This Jen-of-many-trades is fascinated by the role of storytelling and gameplay in learning and engagement. This may or may not be connected to her urge to write novels and love of videogames and most things “nerdy.” A passion for learning that started in school and led to tutoring has happily landed her in the mystical realm of eLearning.

Spirit animal: Hawk
Diet-breaker: Ice cream
Comfort object: Throw blankets
Personal vice: Medieval-fantasy novels
Useless talent: Remembering useless facts
Unreasonable paranoia: Rollercoasters
Wishes more people cared about: Other people

Comments (2)

Akanksha Garg - June 13, 2014

Great tips shared in the article!
Keeping learners motivated to learn in self-paced courses is what all L&D managers strive for.

Jennifer - June 13, 2014

Now that I do so much typing, I decided it was finally
time to learn how to touch type. I found a website that follows a
learn-by-doing model and I love seeing my words per minute average rise! It’s
doubled in the last little while, although I’m still working on breaking myself
from “pecking at the keyboard.”

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