You’re New on the Job|You Need Help with Work|The Boss Keeps Changing Priorities|Your Boss Doesn’t Notice Your Contributions|You See an Opportunity to Do Things Better|You Need to Persuade a Colleague|You’re Asked to Compromise Your Ethics|You Need to Break a Commitment|Someone Breaks a Commitment|Someone Criticizes You|It’s Someone Else’s Fault|Someone Disagrees with You|A Co-Worker is Negative|You Have a Personality Clash with a Co-Worker|A Co-Worker is Too Social|A Co-Worker Has an Embarrassing Problem

Course Description

Have you ever been in conversation with a team member and you said the wrong thing and made the situation worse? This course features 16 lessons from the What To Say When series on workplace communication. These particular vignettes focus on issues all employees may encounter at the workplace. This course can be used to prepare employees with communication strategies before an issue arises, or to help remediate a situation currently going on. Each short vignette presents a common communication dilemma, and Human Resource expert, Hugh Murray, shares the communication strategies and tactics for dealing with the issue.