Introduction|Secret #1, Part 1: Words|Secret #1, Part 2: Voice Tone|Secret #1, Part 3: 55% Body Language|Secret #2: The Lasered, Compelling Message|Secret #3: The Communication Effictiveness Continuum|Secret #4, Part 1: Visual Language|Secret #4, Part 2: Auditory Language|Secret #4, Part 3: Auditory-Digital Language|Secret #4, Part 4: Kinesthetic Language|Secret #5: Authentic Passion|Conclusion

Course Description

This online training video provides you with an understanding of the five secrets of effective communication. The five secrets include information on words, tone, and body language, as well as delivering a compelling message, the effectiveness continuum, the types of language, and how to show authentic passion. Richard Greene, well-known communication coach and analyst, goes into detail by breaking down the secrets into additional categories. Greene uses the success of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign to illustrate the power of effective communication. This course should be utilized by any individual who would like to achieve success through effective communication.