Introduction|Take Time to Just Talk|A Different Kind of Leadership|The Decision-Making Environment|An Assumption of Equality|The Nature of Conflict|Diversity and Inclusion|Conclusion

Course Description

The professional manner in which teams are built on is just as important as the continued development of those specific teams. This training divides teambuilding skills into five distinct points to help ensure professionalism and higher motivation in the workplace. By providing entertaining video examples of the film “Twelve Angry Men,” this training explains to the viewer a team is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon. Leaders encourage inquiry, and so the viewer is provided with several examples as to how to use questions to gain trust and confidence within a group. By highlighting the importance of the vigorous pursuit of decisions and how such positive conflict can create a higher-motivated setting, this training also explains the benefit of various team backgrounds. This video is a must for all those who work closely in a team environment, as well as those who wish to provide a higher level of motivation for teams already in existence.