Course Description

Recently, a Fortune 500 company calculated that it took, on average, 89 weeks to make a change in a company. Of those 89 weeks, 39 were a result of feelings of mistrust. Trust, whether it is having trust in your company or trust in your coworkers, is important for any business. After all, teamwork is often needed in a business, and is integral to success. You must trust your teammates, but of course, they must also trust you. So how do you generate this trust in others, and how do you find yourself trusting those around you? There are several key aspects to this, including openness, credibility, and respect. Learn about each one of these factors in this Video On Demand. Oftentimes you trust the people that trust you, and if you do not trust someone, they might feel the same way about you. Utilize the information here and understand how to trust your teammates, and have them trust you.