Outlook 2010 – Overview|The New Interface|The View Tab|Quick Steps|Search Folders|Schedule View|Calendar Groups|Daily Task List|Import Data|Open Other User’s Folder|Account Settings|Auto Reply|Cleanup Tools

Course Description

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 includes enhanced features to make the program more versatile and user-friendly, but the differences in the user interface may make transitioning to the newer version difficult. Shorten the learning curve this well-paced training video demonstrating the ins and outs of the Outlook 2010. Users learn what features can be accessed from the new Backstage View. This video shows how to use the quick access toolbar, navigation panel, and to-do bar; and how the view tab works in folders, such as mail, calendar, contacts and tasks. Anyone beginning to use Outlook 2010 should use this online training video to help them get maximum value from the new version, with the least confusion.