Modifying the Appearance of Text|Modifying Text Color|The Format Painter|Using Tabs|Bullets and Numbering|Margins|Text Alignment|Adjusting Character Spacing|Automatic Hyphenation|Formatting Style Templates|Manage Formatting|Applying Borders and Shading

Course Description

Would you like to attract more attention to your business documents? This training video shows you how modify text in Microsoft Word 2010 to make it more visually appealing. This training also explains how to format a professional document by providing video instructions and examples showing how to use tabs, incorporate bullets and numbering, change the margins, and alter text alignment. Focusing on the professional side of Microsoft Word, viewers are shown live-action examples on how to autocorrect a Word document in terms of automatic hyphenation, changing the style template, and manage the borders and shading of the document. Learn to spruce up any Word document you have; this video is a must for business and office executives.