Mindtrigger 9:|Your Reaction to Change|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 10:|Playing to Your Strengths|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 11:|Who Do You Think You Are?|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 12:|On a High Note|Tools to Discover Your Assets|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 13:|Working With Your Weaknesses|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 14:|What Once Worked, No Longer Works|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 15:

Course Description

This is the third part in the five-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” series of training videos. All five parts are intended to be taken sequentially, and spread over six to twelve weeks to complete the program. The first two parts of this lesson will have given you an understanding of the concept behind the program. Part Three takes you deeper into the idea of embracing change. This part of the program coaches you to recognize your strengths and utilize them to more easily get what you want. If you know what you do well, what you are passionate about, and what really interests you, you can begin to create positive outcomes and realize your “I want” statements. Working through the tools discussed in this part of the program will help you form the foundation needed to fully embrace your new mindset for change.