Start Seeing Red Cars|Mindtrigger 1:|Creating a Mindset for Change|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 2:|Your Intentions are Good|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 3:|The 3rd Grade Story and Fear-Based Thinking|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 4:|Social Conditioning and Real Life Experiences|Reflective Questions|Mindtrigger 5:|The Brain’s Response to Fear-Based Thinking|Reflective Questions

Course Description

Employees who possess the skill to maintain a positive mindset, even when faced with challenges, are more innovative, creative and adaptive to change. Use this course to help all your employees think like leaders and tackle organizational change. This is the first in the five-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” package. All five parts are intended to be taken in sequence with a spaced learning approach. Your guide through these videos is Laura Goodrich, a Global Workforce Innovator, who has 25 years of experience as an innovator, speaker, and coach to leaders worldwide. Start Part One now to set out on the path to creating a mindset for change. Enable your team to take control of workplace changes and challenges and grow your corporate culture with this program.