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In this session, we will explain how to design and deliver just-in-time, competency-based learning, leveraging a microlearning approach. Using a specific case study, we will follow the prerequisite steps to determine the skills and competencies needed (needs analysis). The process will then explain how to use a roles matrix, identify the outcomes, select the appropriate instructional delivery modality (competency based). Finally, we will, for iterative changes that occur both during and development (Agile). In addition, the session will use specific client stories to share how to create a strong collaborative partnership with your subject matter experts and product owners.

Learning Objectives:

1. Map/diagram a competency based role matrix
2. Follow a modified Agile process, using tools demonstrated and shared during the session
3. Respond effectively to design/feature changes during the process


About the presenter

Jack McGrath

Jack McGrath is President and Creative Director of Digitec Interactive. As an instructional designer, producer and multimedia developer, Jack has managed eLearning titles for organizations including The Walt Disney Company, Cisco Systems, VMWare, Symantec Corporation, Yum! Brands, VERITAS Software, Chase Manhattan, and Hard Rock Café, among others.

He is currently designing eLearning programs that use simulations, multi-player components, and game-based learning techniques to better engage the “games-based” generation. Jack is a recipient of the Brandon Hall Excellence in eLearning award. He also is a part-time professor teaching Humanities online, and he loves writing plays.


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