Now that I have your attention, I need to tell you something. Something the LMS industry doesn’t want you to know. The only features you must have are the ones that solve your specific problems and actually meet your needs. That’s right, it’s actually all about who can provide solutions, not just features. It’s about who understands your needs, not who has an LMS that is going to adopt kittens in 5 years when it becomes sentient.

The truth is that feature lists are awesome, and chances are if you’ve heard of it, hundreds of LMSs offer it, ourselves included. But why do you care about gamification if it doesn’t solve a problem or meet a need? If you’re really looking for a way to put your annual meeting online so organization members can earn credit, badging and leaderboards  don’t meet your needs.

If you’re offering certifications, then having an online video catalog is great, but if it doesn’t issue or track certificates, that’s extra work you’ll have to do manually.  You need a platform that will help you sell, deliver, and manage CEUs.  You probably need eCommerce integration and reporting. You don’t need the LMS to make you breakfast.

What if you’re completely short staffed and have to do everything yourself including create the courses? Webinar integration is a handy tool to have, but is it really as relevant as having access to an easy to use content builder in the platform?

It’s high time we in the industry stopped telling you what the hip, cool, new thing is, and pushing feature lists because everyone else is doing it, and started asking you the questions that matter. What do you need? What are your goals? What problems are you trying to solve? What are the top 5 LMS must-have features?

5. The ones that solve your problems

4. The ones that make your life easier

3. The ones that give your learners what they came for

2. The ones that align with your organization’s goals

1. The ones that actually matter to you!

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