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Surf’s Up: Riding the Waves of eLearning Trends

About the Author

Autumn Lewis

Digitec’s marketing maven by day and karaoke enthusiast by night, Autumn is no stranger to online education, nonprofits, and associations. Autumn has served as the Marketing and Development Director at a nonprofit school for children with learning disabilities. She also served as an intern with a Central Florida internet marketing firm and Dress for Success where she honed her skills in social media, marketing, blogging, and public relations. Today, Autumn uses her belief in the power of telling stories, engaging, and building relationships with partners to build on Digitec’s brand success. Autumn received a B.S. in Marketing Communications, and an A.A. in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix online campus experiencing first-hand the benefits of online education.

Spirit animal: Slow Loris (look them up they’re adorable)
Diet-breaker: Lays Dill Pickle Chips
Comfort object: Throw blanket
Personal vice: Biting my nails
Useless talent: I can write with both hands
Unreasonable paranoia: Getting stuck in elevators
Wishes more people cared about: At-risk youth