off-the-shelf content You already know that off-the-shelf content can save your organization time and money. These courses are built for a wide audience and are applicable in almost any setting. Almost. Occasionally, you’ll choose a course on safety and you’ll end up with something that doesn’t seem to apply to your learners. Or, perhaps a video learning course while great on the surface, simply doesn’t mesh with your organization’s culture. When that happens, you might wonder if access to that off-the-shelf content was worth it. Before you scrap the simple solution to your training needs entirely, consider ways to make the content your own.

One method might be to add off-the-shelf content to a larger more personalized custom course. Adding the video or course content in as a module rather than the whole enchilada allows you to make the content your own. It’s sort of like getting a candy bar with a personalized wrapper. You wrap the content that is organization specific around the pre-built content to make the most of your options.

Another method might be to add a blend of off-the-shelf content and custom into a learning path. Using the pre-built course as part of a larger training program allows you to take some of the stress off the training department while still offering your learners value. Learning paths are trending in eLearning because it provides personalization and demonstrable value for your organization’s learners. The ability to see how learning applies to them and their career path motivates learners to complete training and advance through training programs to accomplish goals.

If the content is good but not quite in depth enough, consider using off-the-shelf content as course pre-requisites. These intro courses can provide a surface level understanding of a topic. If you sell your training, you might offer off-the-shelf content for one price, while for premium pricing you can then offer a custom course that is more in-depth.

You might also use off-the-shelf content as microlearning or knowledge boosters. These quick lessons can inspire learners with limited time to spend to seek out these courses. Additionally, microlearning knowledge boosters could help with learner retention, overcoming the forgetting curve.

However you use off-the shelf content, the ability to draw from a catalog of courses is often extremely helpful and convenient.

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