Digitec developed and just recently launched an innovative course for Florida Virtual School. The Virtual Globe Theatre features the Bard himself, William Shakespeare as the guide for this English IV online course. The interactive games are used as part of the course for junior and senior level high school students.

In each level of the game, the player tries to secure a position within the Globe’s resident company of performers, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (and later, the King’s Men). During the game, the player explores the areas of the theatre, attempting to solve riddles posed by the Bard. Players interact with actors, patrons and even Shakespeare during the three levels of the game.

The game is rendered in Flash. The script is a mix of Shakespearean iambic pentameter and Elizabethan-era prose to pull players right back into the era of the Globe. Supporting information for the training is in modern English, providing clues and in-depth information about the society and time, including supplemental details about the Globe. Players immerse themselves in the complete Globe experience.

We had a great time developing this course as many of us are great fans of the Bard. In this instance, it was exciting to combine proven learning theory with technology and history to engage today’s youth in learning opportunities.

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