You’re responsible for keeping everyone trained, but how can you be sure that the training you provide is actually sticking?

The Ebbinghaus curve shows that people forget 90% of what they learn within 10 days of traditional training!

Are you confident that all the time and expense you put into creating traditional training is even working?

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Knowledge Direct is an online learning platform that uses training automation to help leaders get their people smarter faster, with training that sticks. And since it’s completely online, it’s safer for your employees than face-to-face training, available whenever, wherever they need it.

4 ways Knowledge Direct will save your sanity…

with training that sticks!

Today, we’re used to accessing the information we need, when we need it. Your learners shouldn’t have to wait for the next scheduled training. By giving learners access to training at the point of need, training is contextual and applied. It STICKS!

Also, since Knowledge Direct is powered by the award-winning learning experts at Digitec Interactive, you have on-demand access to an instructional design team, when you need it.

How much time does your staff spend creating, updating and managing training and your learners? It’s time to use automation to save your sanity. Learners are assigned a targeted Learning Journey, with automated course assignments, reminders, assessments and tracking. You can automatically award digital badges, based on scores and completions. The reporting engine automatically sends you criteria-based reports, so it’s easier to track completions.


Knowledge Direct is designed to be easy-to-use – for learners, content creators and admins. The platform includes an integrated drag-n-drop course authoring tool. Create responsive design courses that include interactivity, surveys, assessments, webinars, discussions. Changes? No problem. The WSYWIG editor is fast and easy. Just republish and learners have access to the latest.


Do you wonder if your training is sticking? Knowledge Direct includes an integrated competency engine, so that learners… and you… can assess knowledge and skill gaps to determine learning gains. The platform includes a variety or reports. Or you can easily create and save your own ad hoc reports, then schedule them to be automatically sent to someone on your team.


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