Project Description


The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)

Project Description


Founded in 1944, The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) is an individual membership society focusing on professional, technical and scientific issues and needs. Today, STLE is the premier technical society serving the needs of more than 10,000 individuals and 150 companies and organizations that comprise the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector. Their mission is to advance the science of tribology and the practice of lubrication engineering in order to foster innovation, improve the performance of equipment and products, conserve resources and protect the environment.

STLE has been in the professional certification business since 1993; offering their membership continuing education, credentialing and professional development training in conjunction with their semi-annual conferences. As their audience expanded and online training gained popularity, STLE determined the needs of their membership could be better served through an eLearning platform.

While STLE had many requirements for their new Learning Management System (LMS), critical requirements included the system’s ability to integrate with their Association Management System (AMS), iMIS and a system that supports an eCommerce model.

STLE had existing learning objects such as, Microsoft Power Point® presentations, graphics and printed materials which they hoped to re-purpose for online delivery. Therefore, it was equally important that the vendor they selected be skilled in instructional design and custom e-Learning course production.



STLE ultimately chose Digitec and their Knowledge Direct® Learning Management System (LMS). Digitec offers an in-house IT and support staff with experience in iMIS integrations. Digitec also employs a full-time, in-house staff of expert instructional designers who specialize in creating professional and engaging eLearning courses. With the combination of Digitec’s technology and support services, STLE was able to deploy a subscription-based continuing education model, as well as an eCommerce platform.

Digitec also produced the first STLE eLearning course, allowing STLE to launch the new learning portal to its members on time, within budget, and without excuses.

The Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS) supports STLE’s curricula and certification programs, requiring that courses be taken in sequence with flexible registration and completion rules. Additionally, the system supports blended learning for Live Events such as annual meetings, classroom meetings and informal sessions as well as online web conferences, and their associated recordings.



By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct LMS, STLE is able to:

  • Address the educational needs of its ever-growing audience with interactive and engaging e-Learning.
  • Provide its membership professional certification online.
  • Create future courses quickly and easily using built-in professional templates.
  • Market related courses to learners using the built-in “recommended courses” marketing application.
  • Facilitate collaborative interaction between students and instructors.
  • Provide learners dynamically generated eTranscripts for tracking their progress.
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