PowerPoint game-based learning platformHow times change. Last post, Game-based learning > Mobile Apps, I recalled how our earliest application for mobile learning (mLearning) was dismissed by eLearning thought leaders in 2003. Back then, despite the growth of WEP-enabled cell phones and the Palm OS personal digital assistants (PDA), there just weren’t enough handsets out there to justify mLearning delivery or support, and so, it failed.

The recent release of the iPad is a sign that things are changing… fast. A CNBC report cited the iPad as the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic device ever! And despite the fact that growth has slowed, somewhat, mobile adoption of the Droid and iPhone 4 continue to build. The bottom line is that these consumers will expect to be able to take their learning on these devices.

There is no doubt, now, that mLearning is here. The key now is to make sure that the learning will be ready to support the variety of mobile devices, including the Droid, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and all the rest and will be easily supported.

Instead of the Digitec “skunk works” here dreaming up another content management system (CMS) approach to creating mLearning, our mLearning solution was to adapt our existing tools to accommodate the new technology, to provide simple cross-platform delivery and support.

Knowledge Direct is now mLearning compatible. Our Direct-to-WEB rapid eLearning content creation tool not only allows you to create game-based learning using PowerPoint, but it ports directly out to iPhone, iPad, Droid, Blackberry, as well as PodCast versions of the eLearning.

Now, learners can log into Knowledge Direct, take their modules and complete their assessments, all from their mobile device.

It’s really interesting how times change. When I look back at the “failure,” of our initial mLearning app, I have to remind myself that Apple’s first mobile device was actually the Newton. Anybody remember that?

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