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The Fact and Fiction of Online Training

About the Author

Mary Lefaiver

In addition to her completely legal and relatively harmless addiction to Red Velvet cupcakes, Mary also has an insatiable appetite for learning. Mary received her B.A. at the University of Virginia, her M.A. at Florida Gulf Coast University, is currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate program in Instructional Design for Simulation at the University of Central Florida and intends to continue her post-graduate education in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Also an avid college sports spectator, Mary jokes that with every NCAA tournament, she gets to cheer for no less than 6 universities! As an instructional designer, Mary leverages her diverse background in both the private and non-profit sectors, as well as higher education to create engaging and unexpected learning experiences. Spiritual Animal: Scorpion Diet Breaker: Cupcakes Comfort Object: My childhood teddy bear, Paddy (short for Paddington) Personal Vice: Cupcakes - Seriously, I may require therapy ... its a real problem. Useless Talent: I can speak Oppish fluently; you'll have to Google it :-) Wishes People Cared More About: Making the effort to better themselves Unreasonable Paranoia: I have a backup, "manual" security system involving Christmas bells on doorknobs in my house even though I have a professional security system. This is a carryover from when I graduated from college, lived by myself in a first floor apartment and read James Patterson's Kiss the Girls; I even took kickboxing like the main character so I could protect myself - or at least leave DNA evidence behind!