People have so little time to attend classroom events, and when they do, if the content is not immediately relevant to them, they tune it out.

In fact, according to research from the theorist Ebbinghaus, the forgetting curve shows that the average learner forgets about 90% of the content they’ve learned within 30 days of the training event.

Benefits of eLearning:

Targeted. By targeting a learner’s skill gaps and offering training when that learner is most receptive to learning, eLearning can be a more flexible and effective training approach.

Practice. eLearning can provide a safe environment to learn, apply and practice. Don’t understand a concept? Learners can replay and retry, all without feeling judged by an instructor or classmates.

That saves time and money. In addition to higher learning retention, eLearning can save up to 60% of training time over traditional classroom training and saves money by:

  • Eliminating travel expenses for your trainers and your learners,
  • Reducing the costs of creating, shipping and duplicating classroom materials,
  • Saving time (and your sanity) managing various versions of printed course materials that quickly become outdated.

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Process – Modified Agile Development

For the last 30 years, Digitec has refined our processes to more effectively reflect the needs of a fast-moving and more complex world. How do we do it? Digitec developed a modified Agile Learning Development process that is iterative and provides checkpoints along the way to make sure the training is aligning with your objectives, and produced quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how we do it:

Discovery. We recognize that you may not have all the answers. During Discovery, we’ll work with you and your subject matter experts (SME) to define the specific objectives and business outcomes that will drive the project every step of the way.

Design. Digitec understands that you and your business owners can’t wait until the end to know what you’re getting. That’s why the process features early interface design concepts, prototypes to provide the opportunity for you to give us feedback on look and feel, and usability.

And, since it’s an interactive approach, you can request in-scope changes at any point in the process. That way the changes are built into the schedule and the overall cost, saving you time and money.

Working in smaller bursts means early input, constant visibility, timely turnaround, and manageable course-correction when needed. A dedicated project manager will partner with you to land on solid project requirements, process frameworks, and creative designs early on. This ensures that any challenges are discussed openly and quickly resolved, allowing development to progress and schedules to remain on target.

Develop. Digitec believes that attention to detail combined with great design makes all the difference. Each design and development phase draft goes through our in-house quality assurance team before being sent to you or your team. This includes rigorously testing for SCORM conformance, so that any technical issues are resolved before delivery.

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The team and technology to increase learning retention, while saving your sanity.

Digitec eLearning services:

Digitec Interactive combines the team and technology to create training that sticks, making your people smarter… faster.

The Digitec team is an extension of your team, with instructional designers, graphic artists and programmers to create learning solutions that include:

Gamification and simulation
Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning
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