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Personalized learning. More engaged employees. It’s not just a job. It’s a journey.  

Corporate LMS

Wouldn’t you rather focus on your employees than on technology? Knowledge Direct personalizes training and makes it easy to administer. Company success is a journey. Build your future employees with learning journeys. Learning journeys allow your organization’s learners to master training concepts. Personalization motivates employees to succeed.  

Knowledge Direct is a Learning Management System that is so easy to use, you’ll be creating rich, customized, social learning experiences accessible to anybody, anywhere, in record time.


Configure your learning portal and deploy in minutes.


ADA 508 compliant, with social learning features.

Learning Everywhere

Self-paced or virtual, responsive for learning on a tablet, smartphone or desktop, then tracked to SCORM and xAPI.


Robust assessment engine, with custom learning flows to better measure what your learners actually know and to make sure they’re ready to go!



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