Introduction|The Basics|Who Do You Think I Am?|Offender, Offended, Observer|Setting Boundaries|The Silent Treatment|Dealing With Retaliation|Conclusion

Course Description

Harassment of all kinds is a major concern in the workplace. Even one incident can prove detrimental to the work environment, as the victim may no longer feel comfortable there, and the offender could be facing a lawsuit in the near future. So what kind of behavior is tolerable? And how do you make sure you don’t cross the line? The key is not the intention behind the behavior, but its effects. Learn how to identify, as well as combat, harassment through this Video On Demand training. Any offensive or disrespectful behavior can conceivably be classified as harassment, which is why it is so important to know the power your words and actions may have on someone else. You must learn how to set boundaries and know how each individual may react to your behavior; everyone may handle things differently. Gain this insight, among others, by following the information presented here. Utilize this training video and help prevent harassment in the workplace.