Introduction|Prevention|Current Trends: Obesity|Obesity and Illness|Obesity, Are There Solutions?|How To Eat Properly|Fats: Good vs. Bad|Effects of Processed Carbohydrates|Modifying Your Diet|Exercise Recommendations|Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins|How Can Employers Help With Employee Nutrition?|Conclusion

Course Description

This informative training program takes the viewer on a journey to a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. Focusing on obesity prevention and illness, how to eat properly, and dietary intake within a professional work environment, this video is the perfect cure for anyone wanting to gain a better, healthier lifestyle. Techniques surrounding eating habits and exercise are looked at, and a recipe for optimum health is discussed. Featuring the professional insights of health expert Richard W. Bunch, this program also highlights several workshops and lectures surrounding his views on obesity and health-conscious trends in the workplace. The idea behind this training program is to implement a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise within any professional workplace.