Introduction|Preparing to Handle Cylinders|Safe Transportation and Handling|Securing A Cylinder|Proper Hook Up|CGA Fittings|Valves|Leaks|Storage|Conclusion

Course Description

The average cylinder of compressed gas weighs in around 80 pounds, so unsafe handling can easily result in a sprain, strain, bruise, or broken bone. Additionally, the contents of a gas cylinder, which can be explosive, flammable or toxic, pose additional hazards to workers. This online training educates viewers on how to work safely with compressed gas cylinders. This video training gives examples of the dangers of handling compressed gas cylinders improperly. The course also demonstrates how to safely transport, handle, secure, and store compressed gas cylinders. Finally, the course shows employees what to do if a leak has been detected. The hazards existing around compressed gas cylinders are real. Use this video to educate employees on how to safely work with compressed gas cylinders.