Introduction|Introduction to Reducing the Risks|Cardiovascular Health|Causes and Symptoms of Heart Disease|Exercise and Cardiovascular Health|Heart-Healthy Exercise Methods|Introduction to Cancer Prevention|Knowing and Reducing Risk Factors|Prevention Through Nutrition and Diet|Cancer and Heart Disease Reduction|Conclusion

Course Description

This video explains methods for reducing health risks to prevent heart disease and cancer. By following the suggestions found in this course, employees can add healthy years to their lives. Heart disease and cancer causes two thirds of premature deaths in the United States. The good news is almost all heart disease and many forms of cancers can be prevented by changing lifestyle habits. This online course explains how proper nutrition, increasing exercise, and decreasing mental stress helps prevent heart disease and cancer. This course breaks down the causes and symptoms of heart disease and risk factors for cancer. This course describes how employees can create an investment plan for their health. Use this course to promote healthy lifestyle choices for your employees.