Introduction|The Legal Definition of Sexual Harassment|A Proactive Response|The Importance of Documentation|The Fear of Retaliation|Conclusion

Course Description

Imagine if the number of people in this world was reduced to a village of 100, and the ratios of all existing humans remain the same. Thinking of the world this way brings our own experience into perspective. When thinking of the world in terms of billions of people, the number of those who may be less fortunate, or those who may simply be from a different culture or background, is much more abstract and difficult to grasp. Reducing the world’s population to a village of 100, as this video demonstrates, helps you gain this perspective. Of course, while the overarching message of these materials is to become more tolerant and understanding, there are immediate benefits for you and your company as well. Utilize this course as a meeting opener or team activity to promote diversity, tolerance, and inclusion at your workplace.