Introduction|The Hazards of Trenching|The Competent Person and Inspecting the Worksite|Soil Types and Protective Systems|Ongoing Inspection and Testing|Access, Egress, Setback and Equipment|Working Defensively|Conclusion

Course Description

An average of two workers lose their lives every month when a trench they’re working in collapses on them. This online video training educates viewers on safe work practices for working in or around trenches at a construction site. This video training explores OSHA policies and procedures designed to prevent accidents and injuries on jobs involving trenches. Topics in this course include hazards related to trenching, who the “competent person” is and what they oversee, soil types and protective systems, worksite inspections, access and egress points in a trench, and defensive work practices. Working in a trench is a dangerous job, but many of the dangers can be managed by following proper safety procedures. Use this video to show employees how to manage their risk while working in trenches.