Introduction|Avoiding the ‘Uh Oh’ Syndrome|Mental Models: The Part Culture Plays|Mental Models: The Part Science Plays|Unintentional Intolerance|1st step to Inclusion: Be more mindful and change your scripts|2nd step to Inclusion: Entertain new ideas and practice being mindful|Conclusion

Course Description

This training program guides the viewer through the “Uh Oh Syndrome,” which is defined by this video as the way individuals react and respond to those who sound, act, or look different than them. We all have negative gut reactions when we encounter things that don’t fit our mental models or expectations. This program discusses with the viewer ways to overcome our personal mental models and unintentional intolerance. By being more mindful and entertaining new ideas about mental models, the viewer learns to avoid the “Uh Oh Syndrome” and include more diversity in their everyday professional life. This training video is a perfect introductory program for those beginning to learn about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.