Introduction|The Roots of Discord|The Costs of Discord|What Do We Stand For?|Eliminating Hostility|Mediating Disputes|Alternatives in Dispute Resolution|Organizational Responsibilities|Conclusion

Course Description

This training program discusses the discord that can happen within a professional workplace environment. The survival of the professional workplace is the key focus of this program, and the roots and costs of discord are investigated through demonstrative videos and testimonials. Mainly looking at the problems between employees and management, this video asks the question “What do we stand for?” as it pertains to their workplace. Values and respect go a long way for a professional work environment, as well as for eliminating hostility, and mediating disputes. Empathy is also looked at in this training. Because personal, as well as professional safety is the goal with this program, laws dealing with harassment are also focused on. This excellent training program is a great fit for employees looking to gain key methods on how to perfect a more engaging and harmonized workplace.