Introduction|How Is The Work We Do Changing?|Why? Who? When?|The Changing Employer/Employee Relationship|What Might These Changes Mean To Me?|Which Way Forward?

Course Description

This training explains how the workplace has changed due to many factors from technology to communication. This Video On Demand explains how people change and always have over time, and how change happens quicker in shorter amounts of time. Communication and diversity have shaped a different work environment; some people work part time, flexible hours, remote (from home), and most people are more technologically advanced. This training is divided into six sections: Introduction, How is the work we do changing?, Why? Who? When? The Changing Employer/Employee relationship, What might these changes mean to me?, and Which way forward?. The idea that the workplace is changing can create many fears. As long as these fears are addressed and people learn what the changes are there will be many positive changes, even though change can be scary. Learn how to embrace change around the workplace with this course.