Introduction|The Changing Roles Managers Play|What Will We Do Differently?|Who Will Lead The New Organization?|What About… Performance Appraisal|What About… Motivating Employees|What About… Supervising & Organizing Work Done|How Might These Changes Impact Me?|Where Do We Go From Here?

Course Description

This training explains how managers can successfully deal with change within the workplace. Learn the different ways the workplace has changed and how managers can adapt and be efficient in leading these new workplaces. The video training explains how people change and always have over time, and how managers’ roles have changed from authoritarian to engaging employees in different ways. The job used to be to get the work done, and now Managers need to transition to engaging themselves and employees, and sharing responsibility with employees. Employees have to take more responsibility, and not only rely on managers. Change can be strange and hard at first, for both employees and their managers. Learn to navigate workplace change with this Video On Demand.