Introduction|Who Is A Person With A Disability?|The ADA and Hiring New Employees|The ADA and Current Employees|Why Is There An ADA?|Reasonable Accommodations|Conclusion

Course Description

American workers can offer great amounts of skill and knowledge, and in order to compete in the global economy businesses must be able to tap this resource. This includes being able to hire and integrate the millions of Americans who live with disabilities. Approximately 1 in 5 working age individuals in this country have a disability, and more than half of those are unemployed. So what standard is needed to be considered a person with a disability, and how does the employer need to accommodate these persons? Learn the answers to these questions in this Video On Demand course. Ultimately, even if you are regarded as having a disability, yet do not actually have one, the ADA may protect you. This video also teaches you about how the ADA affects the hiring of, and maintaining, disabled employees. Utilize the material presented here to understand the ADA and create a more equal workplace.