Introduction|Team Player Style|Identify Your Style|Use Appropriate Style|Avoid Carrying Style Too Far|Acknowledge Other Styles|Switch Your Style|Conclusion

Course Description

Regardless of what kind of industry you work in, if you work with a team, you face the same challenge: getting the job done while dealing with individual differences. The purpose of this On Demand training video is to have your team focus on ways in which to maximize their teamwork together. This lesson instructs you how to identify the learning and working styles of your team members, thus allowing you to coach and lead them effectively. Each person has their own style. Some people may tend to focus on the big picture, while others may only look at the details. You will need to be able to recognize these styles, as well as your own, in order to properly integrate everyone into the team. Furthermore, there may be times when you need to switch your style in order to adapt to the group dynamics. Learn all of these techniques here; the foundation of great teamwork is a great team, and one cannot have a great team unless they know how to make everyone work together harmoniously.