Introduction|Team Player Styles|Identify Your Style|Use Appropriate Style|Avoid Carrying Style Too Far|Acknowledge Other Styles|Switch Your Style|Conclusion

Course Description

Working in a team has its challenges. The important thing to remember when working in a team is the team player is the basic unit of a team, not the leader. Team players of different backgrounds and personalities can in fact form an efficient team. Use this online training course to learn how different team player styles can positively or negatively affect teamwork. This training course discusses the four main team player styles: collaborator, contributor, communicator, and challenger. Your workers understand how to identify their own style, while recognizing and respecting the styles of their other team members. This course also provides some tips for working within a team, and how to apply the right style to the appropriate task. Teamwork takes communication and efficiency. Learn how to better understand fellow team members and foster group communication to get the task at hand completed.