Introduction|Team Player Styles|Identify Your Style|Use Appropriate Style|Avoid Carrying Style Too Far|Acknowledge Other Styles|Switch Your Style|Conclusion

Course Description

We all have a preferred work style; some of us look for creative solutions, others focus down to the tiniest detail. When you combine different work styles things can go bad quickly. The key is to recognize the unique advantages different work styles bring to the team. The video training program presents alternatives to bickering over whose personal work style is best. You will have a chance to see a team in which the members are all looking at the same task and seeing things differently because of their individual team player style. They find, as you will, through communication and acknowledging how each style adds value to the process the end result is superior. Your next team project can garner the same real-life success. Employees who understand the advantages of being part of a team that combines varied work styles are poised to generate unsurpassed results.