Introduction|Approved Anchor Points|Connecting Devices|Double-Locking Snap Hooks|Inspection of the Connecting Device|The Body Harness|Preventing Sudden-Stop Injuries|Limiting Fall Distance|Calculating Total Fall Distance|Use of Fall-Limiting Devices|Preventing Common Fall Arrest Mistakes|Self Rescue From Suspension Trauma|Employing Your Facility’s Rescue Plan|Conclusion

Course Description

Knowing how to properly inspect and use a personal fall arrest system enforces your commitment to safety. Personal fall arrest systems allow workers to survive a fall with minimal injury. Use this online video training and learn how to properly use a personal fall arrest system and the common mistakes to avoid. This Video On Demand covers safety precautions for inspecting and using equipment, as well as for reacting to an accident. Protect yourself from a fatal fall by properly utilizing a personal fall arrest system.