Introduction|Transition from Team Member to Supervisor|Delegating and Engaging the Team|Following Up|Recognizing Coachable Moments|Downward and Upward Communication|Resolving Conflict|Leading By Example|Setting and Enforcing Expectations|Providing Recognition and Positive Reinforcement|Conclusion

Course Description

You have just been promoted to supervisor and your excitement quickly gives way to a bundle of nerves. You are unsure of how you will successfully manage your new team. You are not alone. This Video On Demand, “Tips for the First Time Supervisor,” provides you with the skills needed to successful manage your team. This online training video addresses the multitude of challenges you face: managing your former co-workers, prioritizing, delegating, development, coaching, communicating up and down, being accessible and even your own anxiety. Easy to follow examples of successful interactions provide a guide for victorious navigation of real world challenges. New supervisors gain confidence in their ability to triumphantly lead others with this online training course for first-time supervisors.