Introduction|Where Are We Going?|Why Are We Here?|How Will We Treat Each Other?|What Does Your Appearance Say About You?|Are You Reliable and Punctual?|How Will We Understand Each Other?|How Should We Treat Our Customers?|Who Will Make You Successful?

Course Description

What does it take to be successful at work? This Video On Demand offers an entertaining way to allow workers to discuss and reflect on important issues about being successful. It is especially useful for introducing new employees to company values. Issues discussed include core workplace values, standards of effective communication, attendance and punctuality expectations, and more. This course also includes a comprehensive leader guide, allowing customization of the course to best fit each company’s needs. Worksheets and discussion activities allow each employee to explore his or her own values while learning those of the company. We are each responsible for our own success, together. Use this course to orient your employees for success in your organization.