Introduction|Your Facility’s Role|Good Housekeeping|Spill Prevention|Exposure Minimization|Maintenance|Spill Clean-Up|Summary

Course Description

Rainwater and snowmelt replenish the world’s supply of fresh water and support all life on Earth. Tainted storm water accounts for 18 percent of the pollution in lakes and 35 percent of the water pollution in estuaries. This Video On Demand explains how to protect storm water from contamination. This online training video demonstrates good housekeeping measures and spill prevention techniques. The role of exposure minimization methods is discussed and examples are provided. Workers learn how to properly store materials outdoors, and how to protect storm drains. Proper maintenance and cleanup of secondary containment structures, transfer lines, pumps, hoses and wear-susceptible gaskets and fittings is addressed. This video reinforces the company’s storm water protection program so workers understand their role in safeguarding the resource essential to all forms of life: fresh water.