Introduction|Laws, Rules and Regulations|The SPCC Plan|General Facility Operations|Operation of Equipment to Prevent Discharges|Maintenance of Equipment to Prevent Discharges|Oil Transfers|Used Oil Management|Discharge Procedure Protocols & Release Notification|Conclusion

Course Description

When working with hazardous materials, such as petroleum products, regulations need to be enforced to prevent harm to people and the environment. Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) training is required by law for those who store, consume, use, handle, or transport oils. This training discusses the laws surrounding SPCC protocols, and the different components of the SPCC plan for general industry facilities. This course demonstrates general facility operations, including the operation and maintenance of equipment to prevent discharges. Safety practices for oil transfers and used oil management are shown. Finally, the course models discharge procedure protocols and release notifications. Use this course to put the processes in place to protect your employees, your facility and the environment.