Introduction|Center of Gravity and Maintaining Balance|Trips and Slips|Walking Surfaces|Housekeeping & Maintenance|Footwear|How to Fall Properly and First Aid|Review

Course Description

According to OSHA, most accidents on the job are slips, trips, or falls. In fact, falls cause 15% of accidental deaths. It is important to realize these accidents, which sound minor, can cause major injuries. Use this online course to teach your employees how to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Throughout this course employees learn how to recognize possible hazards. They learn the contributing factors of stability and balance, like weight, body type, and posture. This course discusses how to properly maintain walking surfaces and the classifications of safe footwear. Your employees also learn techniques for landing safely from a fall, and first aid tips. Use this training course to emphasize the importance of preventing slips, trips, and falls to keep your employees safe.