Introduction|Center of Gravity|Trips & Slips|Walking Surfaces|Housekeeping|Footwear|Falls & First Aid|Conclusion

Course Description

Slips, trips and falls may routinely occur on worksites, but these seemingly minor accidents can put your company and employees at great risk. According to OSHA, falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to fatal vehicle accidents. Countless hazards might exist on your construction site, but with the proper training injuries and accidents are preventable. This video-based online training was created specifically for your industry; from preventative measures to incident response, the lessons in this course are tailored to the needs of workers in a construction environment. Trainees gain an understanding of their bodies’ center of gravity and balance, review important environmental factors, learn how to properly fall in an unavoidable incident, and understand how to respond to incidents once they occur.