The Management Team and Company Culture|Management as a Collaborative Effort|Finding Management Internally|Finding Management Externally|Finding People with the Potential to Grow|Cross Pollinating|Cultivating Talent Through Orientation Programs|Providing Opportunities for Employees’ Talents to Shine|Motivating Through Incentives and Recognition|Giving Talent Room to Grow|Motivating Through Culture|Creating Sustainable Operating Procedures|Focusing on What’s Right for the Company|Changing Roles|The Difficulties of Delegating|Choosing What to Delegate|Choosing What Not to Delegate|Delegating Ideas

Course Description

This course takes an in-depth analysis of how to maintain, build and scale an organization’s leadership structure. It covers complex topics such as hiring a culturally aware and integrated executive staff who understand the business contextually, talent acquisition, incentivizing, and task delegation. Nobody ever said running a business is easy, but this course attempts to lessen the burden and stress in certain areas, and provide some insights from like-minded business leaders. Use this course to learn lessons from successful business leaders on how they hire, develop and maintain a talent pool of leaders.