Introduction|Suspension Devices|Outrigger Beams|Suspension Ropes|Hoists & Platforms|Boatswain’s Chair|Safe Work Practices|Personal Fall Arrest Systems|Guardrails & Falling Objects|Review

Course Description

Safety is critical when working above the ground. To keep people aware of the importance of safety, OSHA has developed regulations for working on suspended scaffolds. Use this training course to enforce the importance of safety procedures and awareness when using this type of scaffold. This training course includes proper techniques for scaffold assembly and disassembly, correct scaffold use and placement, how to handle materials while working on the scaffold, and fall prevention and protection. Employees learn how to recognize hazards before and during scaffold use to prevent injury. This course also discusses the different suspension devices used, and the importance of guardrails and personal fall arrest systems (PFAs) mandatory for working on suspended scaffolding. Use this online training course to enforce the procedures every worker should know to safely work on a suspended scaffold.