Introduction|Suspension Devices|Outrigger Beams|Suspension Ropes|Hoists & Platforms|Safe Work Practices|Personal Fall Arrest Systems|Guardrails & Falling Objects|Review

Course Description

Suspended scaffolds help workers reach great heights when working on the exterior of a building. A fall from a suspended scaffold can prove deadly. Falling objects from a suspended scaffold also endanger the lives of those on the ground. OSHA has established many safety regulations for working with suspended scaffolds. With this video, workers learn how to properly assemble suspended scaffolds. They learn how to place the scaffolds safely on the building. This video instructs workers on fall prevention and teaches them how to safely handle materials while working on the suspended scaffold. Workers must be knowledgeable and vigilant about suspended scaffolding safety. Use this video to refresh workers on suspended scaffolding safety and reduce the chances of serious accidents.