Introduction|Suspension Devices|Outrigger Beams|Suspension Ropes|Hoists & Platforms|Boatswain’s Chair|Safe Work Practices|Personal Fall Arrest Systems|Guardrails & Falling Objects|Review

Course Description

On December 7, 2008 Alcides Moreno, working on a scaffold, toppled 47 floors from a New York City skyscraper because he ignored safety procedures designed to prevent such an accident. Because of the dangerous nature of working on a scaffold, OSHA has enacted safety rules designed specifically for workers who make a living on such a dangerous support system. This video outlines various procedures to keep you safe on a scaffold, including its proper assembly, best placement of a scaffold on the worksite, the optimum methods to handle tools while working on a scaffold, and fall prevention. Use this online training video to help employees understand scaffold assembly and the safe work practices to keep everyone safe while working on suspended scaffolding.